Welcome to the Venture

Hi, I’m Amy!

aka: That Expat Girl. I’m level 32. My class build is useless, and I have a habit of rolling natural 1s. But I’m going on an adventure if it kills me. Dragons optional.

Quest Log

There’s really only one way to level up effectively, and that’s by going after what you want — experience points for the win!


Who am I? Reader, Writer, Bookseller, former travelling English Teacher and adventurer extraordinaire. You definitely haven’t heard of me.

Still, I’m glad to meet you. If you see anything you like,
get in touch.

Random Encounters

Adventures and explorations, bad luck, absurd customers, and that guy named Pete. All this happened, more or less…


Recipes, reviews, how-tos and other useful, amazing nonsense that I’ve collected along the way.






…and everything else

An Extraordinary Atlas

Other Worlds