Adventures in Vegetarianism Continued

Well. It’s dark.

This week sees me venturing into the Czech Republic, through Prague and south, to a town called Tábor, where I’ll be teaching kids in the last year of primary school along with three other co-teachers: Jack, Clara, and a newcomer, Robin. Aside from the fact that we got lost following Jack’s map to the hostel, things are going pretty well: the kids are great, the hostel rooms are comfortable and have internet (though I spent a good half hour trying to convert that internet into actual wi-fi for our device users), and, at last, we’re staying in a place with a kitchen–which means all the vegetarian meals and egg breakfasts you could possibly want–

Well, except for one problem. Did I mention that it’s dark? That’s because turning on the hob in the kitchen just blew the power out. We’re pretty sure it’s just a fuse problem, but with no way of knowing where the fuse box is, Jack and Clara have gone on a quest to notify the hostel staff. They’ve been gone… fifteen minutes now?

I hope they haven’t been eaten by some kind of monster. Though I wouldn’t blame the monster. I mean, if I lived in a place where the power went out every time I tried to cook something, I’d be hungry enough to eat a couple English teachers myself.

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