Everything I Ever Wanted…

Despite the shaky start to the week, I’m actually somewhat sad to be saying goodbye to Tábor. The week was everything I wanted this job with SIDAS Language School to be: a beautiful Central European town, with history and stunning architecture at every turn; smart, creative, fun kids with a great attitude and wonderful senses of humor; oh, and this right here:


Our last evening in Tábor, a couple of our Active English Weeks students treated us to an afternoon at a traditional Czech-style tea house or Cajovna, where we drank red tea with caramel and had these green matcha coconut balls that were absolutely delicious. It turned out that the place also did water pipes, and so, after successfully cooking a dinner that did not blow the fuses out, Jack, Clara and I went back to finish off our week with shisha smoke and war stories.

Today, we said goodbye to our classes, gave our kids their certificates, and posed for the requisite selfies. So now, waiting on the train to take me to Bratislava, I can definitely say I’m going to miss Tábor. It’s been the best week on this journey so far–and even considering that my last two weeks involved Povazska Bystrica and Holic (by which I mean, there’s no competition), I’m not sure it’ll be an easy place to beat.

That said, I have been informed that next week I’ll be going to a spa town on the Hungarian border. So we’ll see. Thermal swimming pools, here I come!

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