Town Guide | Tábor, CR


While in Czech, the word tabor generally means “camp,” visiting this charming town won’t require anything close to roughing it. Situated about an hour and a half south of Prague by train, Tábor, a historically Hussite town established in the 15th century, boasts some great sights and enough pleasant attractions to fulfill a day passing through–no tents required.

Size and Population || Tábor boasts a population of almost 35,000 people, spread over an area of about 62 km².


Places of Interest

In the center of the warren of streets that comprise the Old Town, Zizka Square hosts not only a statue of the Hussite hero, but also the stunning gothic rennaisance-style Dean Church of the Lord’s Conversion, as well as various events and gatherings, from the daily fresh market to choir performances by local students.

There are several museums scattered around the Old Town as well, from the Chocolate and Marzipan Museum (which is not quite as tasty as you would imagine) to the Lego Museum, to the Hussite Museum, which also provides access to the historical catecombs underlying the town center.

Kotnov Castle is the oldest site in Tábor, predating the Hussite settlement by some two hundred years or so. Ruined and rebuilt throughout the following centuries, it now provides the best view of Tábor from the top of the Kotnov Tower.

And if you’re simply looking for a pleasant hour of fresh air, wandering through the old town and down to the river walk or Jordan Lake is the most laid-back way to spend your outdoor time.


Inns and Taverns || Check out the Klid Coffee Shop for some great coffee, drinks, beer, and a “friendly” game of Monopoly in a cozy atmosphere, as well as a tasty assortment of sweet treats. If tea is more your style, however, the Dobra Cajovna on Tomavka Street offers an impressive selection from all over the world, as well as shisha pipes and finger foods, with all the comfort and ambiance of a traditional Czech tea house. And finally, for a few pints of Kozel and a filling meal, the Kozlovna restaurant near the entrance to the Old Town has what you want.

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