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Friends, I have news.

For all of you who haven’t yet seen it through my social media yet, I’m absolutely over the moon. After two years of shaping and revising this book to make it the best it can be, as of two weeks ago, I finally managed a major leap forward.

I have a literary agent.

I’m so, so pleased and excited to announce that I’m now represented by Sara O’Keeffe at Aevitas Creative Management UK. It’s been a long and winding road to get here — and this year in particular has been a roller coaster.

Still, this is only the first step in a much larger journey. It’s going to be a while yet before The Shape of the World sees print — there’s still more polishing, more submissions, and more rounds of edits to go. Still, I can’t wait to tackle whatever comes next, and whatever happens, I hope to have you all there with me!

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