Goodbye 2020, and Moving in the Midst of a Pandemic

So, wise children that we are, in the middle of the last lockdown, the boy and I finally enacted our move to Nottingham. It’s been an interesting time getting used to living in a new city while in the midst of lockdown, nevermind tier three, when most everything worth doing is still shut down.

Mainly, we’ve managed to get by with long walks around the city’s numerous green spaces. Our place is smack dab in between two amazing parks, with the grounds of the University of Nottingham on one side and Wollaton deer park not too far away. I’ve also managed to do quite a bit of writing before being called back in to sling books full time — NaNoWriMo saw me finish a 50k rough draft of a new middle grade project that I’m hoping to be able to shape into something useful over the next month.

All in all, this season has given rise to a strange mixture of stress and ennui. The new year arrives with more of a wet flop than a bang this time around it seems, but I’m still hopeful for everything that lies ahead. So here’s to new years, new lives, new possibilities. I sincerely hope you’ve got a few things to light the road ahead of you as well, no matter where you ended up in 2020.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2020, and Moving in the Midst of a Pandemic

    1. It is absolutely beautiful — the only thing really keeping us sane at the moment. Plus the deer! I hope your new year is off to a good start, and here’s hoping for better things around the next corner 🙂

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