August – On Recovery

My, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I suppose it’s been a mad month so far. A mad few months, actually, seeing as July came with a lovely little bout of COVID, which (in my humble opinion), rather takes the cake.

Yes, I was double vaxxed. Yes, I did (and am continuing to) wear my mask in public places. And yes, I still managed to catch the Big-C, which not only knocked me out flat for about a week, but also gifted me the lovely lingering effect of debilitating fatigue. At least the timing was ideal — my symptoms cleared up and we were released from self-isolation a full week before our planned trip to Brighton. But even now, some month and a half after the illness has passed, I can’t go a full day without collapsing into bed around 9pm.

But so it goes. I suppose it may have been a bit overly-optimistic of me to expect to be fully healthy while juggling shifts at the bookshop and a 30k Camp Nanowrimo, never mind edits for my current MG WIP.

Speaking of which, with or without the post-viral fatigue, Adderix Charms Takes on the Human World is now approaching the end of it’s second major draft, and I am having a lot of fun stitching the pieces back together. This edit required some huge, major structural changes. Time lines were up-ended, motivations were undone. All of that means that the ending is still a bit of a mess, but day by day, it’s starting to come together. I think with another month’s work, I’ll be able to start looking at the scene and line-level of editorial things, hopefully to be able to be out on sub with it by October/November.

In any case, August has only just begun. Let’s see what it brings.

Last Month’s Reads: Wise Children | The Gilded Ones | A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue | Insurrecto

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