May ’22 – On New Adventures

Believe me, I am still alive… but boy, has it been a while. And it’s been a lot as well, but I suppose that’s the nature of life, to barrel on heedlessly while we cling on for dear life.

That said, I’m going to try to keep this blog updated more regularly, but part of the chaos that has recently ensued is actually a good thing. You see, I’ve taken the plunge. I’ve done the deep dive. I’ve unlocked a new level. No more 9-5 (or really, as it more often was, 7:30 to 6pm or 4am-2:30) for me.

I’ve gone freelance!

Check out my shiny new website. And I’d love it if you followed me on my (super) professional twitter.

I’ve always done a bit of editing and freelancing on the side, along with my writing, but due to a number of factors, I’m finally able to make it my main gig. And I hope you all will join me on the journey. For now, I’d just like to share a little something that I’ve posted over on my editing blog, just in case any of you were wondering how many drafts go into a published novel.

The answer is many.

In any case, I’m still praying for some good writing news, which always seems to be just around the corner, but never shows. When it does, you guys will be the first to know. For now — I’d love to know which draft you’re on in your writing journey, and whether any of you have had any good news lately? Can’t wait to hear it!

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