July ’22 – On Purpose

It’s been a whirlwind of a month, July, and I’m going to admit: I’ve been struggling.

I’ve been struggling with my health, with my work, with my stories. There were moments, in these past few weeks, where it felt like it was all just too much to deal with. There were days when I wanted to give up.

It’s at times like these when we start to question why we keep going. Why do we keep throwing ourselves into the whirlwind? Especially for those of us who are writers, what is it that makes us get up and face the blank page, instead of simply doing something, anything else? Especially when, so many times, it feels like we’re just shouting into the void?

For me, I’ve realised this month, it comes down to the urge to make myself heard. And I have a feeling that it’s the same for a lot of you as well. We write because we have something to say. We write because filling the page is easier than facing the emptiness. We write to find the meaning in our lives — and it’s our urge to share that meaning, in the hopes that others might see it, and understand it, and perhaps even benefit from it, that makes it all worthwhile.

So keep writing. Keep making yourself heard. If you have to shout into the void, then shout as loudly and as meaningfully as you can. You never know when someone might be listening.

Published by thatexpatgirl

Traveler, Reader, Writer, Scribbler. Go ahead and email me at aborg.teaches@gmail.com

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