September ’22 – Into the Whirlwind

It feels like only a few hours ago that I was posting about celebrating my birthday in Devon. Yet an entire month has passed since then, and I’ve hardly had time to breathe, nevermind write. We started off the month with another bout of Covid — this time it was my partner who went down with it, which kept us in Devon a bit longer than we anticipated.

As soon as we got back home, though, I ended up with a monstrous cold that made work and writing and general concentration extremely difficult. I recovered just in time for us to head back to Devon — this time to celebrate the wedding of one of my partner’s close friends, who was marrying his childhood sweetheart. Even beyond the endearing lovestory behind it all, It was a beautiful ceremony… accompanied by three days of almost non-stop partying. We swam in a heated pool under the stars and slept in a tent in what felt like zero-degree weather.

Which of course meant that as soon as we got back home (again), I came down with yet another cold (AGAIN!). I’m only now starting to find my feet again, after the whirlwind of celebration and sickness that has been September. It’s left very little time to write — or even stay on top of work, though I’ve at least managed to meet the two major deadlines I had this month (even if only barely).

As for the rest of it… Well, there are many things I would’ve liked to achieve this month. There are many things that I would’ve preferred to be doing than lying ill in bed, struggling with the snot and the coughs and the tissues. But sometimes we need rest, and it’s okay to take that time to heal. No matter how full-on life is, we need to know what to prioritise and what we can let drop, and when worse comes to worst—

Sometimes you really do just need to take a break.

Monthly Roundup

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Fiction and Prose

  • A Lullaby of Stolen Stars (YA Fantasy Novel) – Rewriting
  • Dear Evergreen (Experimental Short) – Composing
  • All the Pretty Little Lies (Autofiction Short) – Editing


  • Rings of Power
  • She-Ra (rewatching IN SPANISH!)
  • The Sandman


Dragon Age Inquisition Soundtrack (epic? why yes)

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