An interactive audio installation, herbarium was created as part of the Stejjer Imfewha Artistic Heriatage project. Combining audio narratives and a living display of plants, it was realized at an exhibition in Malta’s Inquisitor’s Palace in May of 2016. Four audio narratives were recorded by participants and placed in custom-made shadow boxes, along with samplesContinue reading “herbarium”


A university creative arts magazine featuring a selection of student work from the University of North Carolina Asheville, Headwaters’ annual publication required engaging but clean print design to bring student work to the fore.

Encore: Maltese Arts and Culture

I am a contributor to the Maltese arts and culture magazine, Encore. For the 10th issue, released in September of 2017, I researched the Alternative Learning Program (ALP) based in Paola (“Alternative Learning, Extraordinary Outcomes“), which uses arts and creative industries to provide a non-mainstream pathway for potential early school-leavers to complete their educational goals.Continue reading “Encore: Maltese Arts and Culture”