Prose and Poetry

(occassionally as A. Kirke)


On Finding My Library’s Copy of Rayuela (Hopscotch) by Julio Cortázar

Published in Riddled With Arrows, Issue 1.1


The Shape of the World

Escaping her lonely island in search of her vanished mentor, 15-year-old Song joins the last of the Cantors, an ancient order of warriors who defend the universe from monsters beyond the edge of existence. But in the isolated city of Cantors, rebellion is brewing, and the monsters may be closer than anyone could’ve imagined.

Runner-up in the WriteMentor Children’s Novel Award and shortlisted for PRH’s WriteNow mentorship. Currently a work in progress.

The Ravenscourt Tragedies

In 1890s Brytainnia, corsets are in vogue, magic is illegal, and an ancient threat is rising in the shadows. Meanwhile, 13-year-old Abigail Crowe is drawn into a web of family secrets and murderous lies.

An independent YA webseries, publishing chapters biweekly. First book also available through amazon and waterstones.

Like Clockwork

If her mother ever caught her sneaking out of her room to explore the city, Mira would be in trouble. To be honest, she shouldn’t even be stealing Mother’s parts for clockwork–but there isn’t much else you can do to entertain yourself when you’re house-bound and sick. That is–until the menacing Dr. Merritt suggests that he might have Mira’s cure.

Forthcoming from Ember, a Journal of Luminous Things

The Liturgy of the Word

On religion and loss, a flash memoir.

Originally published in Headwaters 2011.

The Language Barrier

A short memoir about growing up mixed, in so many ways.

Originally published in Headwaters 2012.

To Plant a Garden

Short non-fiction piece in conjunction with the Stejjer Imfewħa project, commissioned by Friends of the Earth and the Maltese migration and integration NGO Integra.

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