Adventures in Vegetarianism Continued

Well. It’s dark.

This week sees me venturing into the Czech Republic, through Prague and south, to a town called Tábor, where I’ll be teaching kids in the last year of primary school along with three other co-teachers: Jack, Clara, and a newcomer, Robin. Aside from the fact that we got lost following Jack’s map to the hostel, things are going pretty well: the kids are great, the hostel rooms are comfortable and have internet (though I spent a good half hour trying to convert that internet into actual wi-fi for our device users), and, at last, we’re staying in a place with a kitchen–which means all the vegetarian meals and egg breakfasts you could possibly want–

Well, except for one problem. Did I mention that it’s dark? That’s because turning on the hob in the kitchen just blew the power out. We’re pretty sure it’s just a fuse problem, but with no way of knowing where the fuse box is, Jack and Clara have gone on a quest to notify the hostel staff. They’ve been gone… fifteen minutes now?

I hope they haven’t been eaten by some kind of monster. Though I wouldn’t blame the monster. I mean, if I lived in a place where the power went out every time I tried to cook something, I’d be hungry enough to eat a couple English teachers myself.

Drinking With Slovaks (Part II)

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It turns out that “coffee” is pretty much the only English word Peter knows, though within a few minutes of him setting the water on boil, we’ve established that “sugar” means cukor (tsuu-kohr) and “milk” means mlieko (mm-lee-koh), and that instant coffee is the only thing Peter’s got in his cabinet, which is a little bit tragický (trah-gits-kee).

Oh, and also that the word vodka is pretty universal.

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Drinking With Slovaks (Part I)

Well, I managed to get to Holič, and I’m still in one piece, though the prize for Most Difficult Accommodation to Find definitely goes to the Turisticka Ubytovna Holič, Nam. Sv. Martina 9. Getting off the bus, I type the address into Google Maps and heft my backpack for what Google predicts will be a twelve minute walk, but when I get to the area where the Ubytovna should be, it’s nowhere in sight.

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Breaking the Curse

Something you should know about me: I’m pretty unlucky. This has prompted several of my friends to come to the conclusion that I must’ve, at some point, been cursed by a gypsy–and my dad confirms that our family’s got a bit of … well, unglück, to put it mildly.
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Town Guide | Považská Bystrica

It rather says something about a town when its most striking feature is a massive highway overpass. Welcome to Považská Bystrica, the town whose name I can barely spell and definitely can’t pronounce, where the major landmark is a stretch of regional highway that wants absolutely nothing to do with Považská Bystrica.
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Your Party Checks Into an Inn

One good thing about running into a co-teacher as you get off the train in a town whose name you can neither spell nor pronounce is that he can always help when it comes to finding the hostel.
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Character History

As kids, growing up in Nowhere, Suburbia, USA, me and my friends did a lot of role playing. When the only real thing to do in your town is walk down to the local strip mall to look at video games you can’t afford, you tend to find other ways to escape: you make up characters who can go on adventures for you, you read a ton of books from Harry Potter to The Lord of the Rings to The Hitchhikker’s Guide to the Galaxy,  you dream up worlds and stories and places that are infinitely better and more exciting than your crappy town. And when you can get your friends to sit down with each other around a table with enough pizza and rulebooks to keep you entertained and fed for an entire weekend, you take those characters and those stories, and you add dice and you share them. But all the while, what you’re really doing is looking for your own escape, dreaming of all the places you want to go and all the adventures that you’ll be able to have…one day.
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